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We Want You!

Are you an agent or broker? Are your clients looking for an affordable dental plan? We are excited to announce our new national and affordable dental savings plan for individuals and families. Most importantly, it is an opportunity for you to reach out to existing clients, expand your client base, and grow your commissions!

When your clients or prospects visit the site, they can sign up for a dental plan with no waiting to start saving on dental care. When they sign up, you earn ongoing commissions for as long as they are members!


Why Work with Us

The BEST feature of the site is that the dental plan, payment flexibility and pricing provides an affordable option for your clients. We also make it easy for you to market to your clients and prospects. Our dental plan is very competitive and provides excellent savings to your clients.

PLUS AN ADDED BONUS - Individual EyeMed Vision Plans are also available on this site. So what does this mean to you? A LOT MORE $$$ IN YOUR POCKET!

Below are some specifics and highlights for the plan:

Blue Expert Discount Dental Plan

  • Huge National Provider Network
  • Affordable For Individuals or Families
  • No Waiting On ANY Services
  • Unlimited Use Each Year
  • Ortho (braces) for Children AND Adults
  • Pay Monthly, Quarterly or Annually
  • All-Encompassing, Fully Integrated, Recurring Billing System
  • No Restrictions On Who Can Join or Age Limits
  • Low Monthly Cost With A High Benefit
  • Members Save Up To 50% On Dental Costs
  • This plan is a discount fee-for-service dental plan and is in no way considered insurance

How to get started:

  1. Request and complete your agent licensing paperwork, then send it back to us.
  2. We will issue you a tracking code once your paperwork is processed. We will also send you a simple flyer to promote the plans that includes a link to a promotional landing page to track your referrals. You can also link directly to our site with your tracking code on your web site, via email, or offline.
  4. Your clients will also receive complimentary Vision, Hearing and Rx discount cards just for visiting the site.